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London's West End: enhancing the vitality of Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street is a cultural and creative hotspot in London’s West End, with 40 million visitors a year. The Carnaby Echoes app reveals the hidden stories behind 10 decades of local music history, from 1930s jazz clubs to the introduction of Ska. Commissioned by Shaftesbury plc, the Carnaby Echoes app has remained a key visitor experience product since its conception in 2013 and its longevity is testament to its value to the West End.
Carnaby Echoes is built upon Calvium’s pioneering digital placemaking platform – the Place Experience Platform. This allows the area’s place managers to take control of the app’s content, updating it in real-time as they desire, 24/7. Calvium offers ongoing support to future-proof the app, keeping it live and fresh and making the Place Experience Platform a truly sustainable platform.

Brilliant catalogue of the music heritage of Carnaby Street. Fab read & pics.

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