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Create beautiful and engaging visitor experiences

See what our customers love about the Place Experience Platform.

Show visitors your place as it was, as it is, and as it could be

  • Historical maps
  • Contemporary routes and sights
  • Proposed trails, developments etc
“We had a really nice review from a local saying they had found out loads of things they never knew about!”

Amy Helliwell, Stroud District Council

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Build beautiful experiences

  • Guided trails
  • Hunts
  • Audio, images & text
“The Salisbury Trails App gives our place managers the freedom and flexibility to deliver new visitor trails in response to any situation or opportunity we encounter.”

Terry Bracher, Wiltshire Council

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Scale activity easily

  • Launch with a few towns – add more over time
  • Full admin and group permission structure
  • Multiple users
  • Controlled configuration
“Within the district and our local authority, we’re working really closely with a number of different departments… to look at how the app is of a benefit to a wider reach… from teams responsible for sustainability and net zero to those working on canal restoration, communities and wellbeing, and cultural strategy”

Amy Beckett, Stroud District Council

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An interface for everyone

  • Simple, intuitive design – engage all ages and demographics
  • Fully accessible (WCAG)
  • Flag real world areas that aren’t accessible to all users
  • Multiple languages
“The Place Experience Platform is accessible and easy to use. It enables organisations to tell many stories about their city using a variety of media, and it provides a compelling experience for visitors.”

Professor Fabrizio Nevola, University of Exeter

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Update, improve and add

  • Respond to real world events
  • Publish seasonal activities
  • Analytics dashboard to understand which trails are popular
  • Improve experiences over time
“Because the trails are so quick and easy to upload, we get a lot of quick feedback from the usage of the app and how it works.”

Amy Helliwell, Stroud District Council

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Works in conjunction with the real world

  • Advanced Kiosk mode which mirrors app content
  • Kiosk design adapted for wheelchair users
  • Easily generate QR codes
  • GPS triggered notifications
“We are delighted to support and manage the “Medieval meets modern” project which enhances and highlights both those very words!”

Anna Bennett, City of Ely Council

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