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City of London: enabling unique visitor experiences while managing footfall

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the City is a glorious maze of attractions, all within easy walking distance of each other. The City Visitor Trail app enables visitors and locals alike to discover over 40 iconic landmarks, such as the historic Tower Bridge or the Guildhall Art Gallery. The easy & accessible walking trails encourage visitors to stop, look around and discover places that they might otherwise miss.
As the the City Visitor Trail sits on the Place Experience Platform, the marketing team at City of London are able to update content as they please, keeping it aligned with other campaigns or marketing materials, such as their printed map. In turn, they are able to manage footfall and help to stop hot-spots forming in some of their most popular venues.

I'm delighted that Calvium's award-winning platform keeps on delivering great visitor experiences.

Jo ReidMD, Calvium