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History City: making academic insights accessible in public spaces

The Hidden Cities suite of apps enables university students and staff to create meaningful ways for people to experience a city, using their everyday digital devices.
Hidden Cities is available in multiple European languages and when downloaded, the app detects and opens in the default language of the user’s phone. Fictional characters will then lead each user from one location to another within each city, via the app’s location-aware content. When a user arrives at each location, the app triggers the audio and site-specific content to display on the device, relaying each location’s narrative in the user’s language of choice.
The Place Experience Platform has enabled five European cities to reveal their heritage through the insights of the academic community; bringing understanding usually concealed in academic journals to public spaces, and in so doing, sharing those stories for the benefit of everyone.

The new Hidden Cities suite of apps is beautifully designed by Calvium - in particular the ability to use ancient maps to navigate your way around a place.

Professor Fabrizio NevolaUniversity of Exeter

Calvium are winners in the UK App Awards 2020! Hidden Florence 3D took home the trophy for Best Use of AR/VR in an App.