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Wiltshire: Deepening visitor engagement

After the success of the Salisbury Trails app, Wiltshire Council has expanded their digital visitor experiences across their county. Explore Wiltshire shares the rich heritage and vibrant modern life of the district, with multiple trails around each of seven major town areas, with four more planned to follow. With interactive maps, walking trails, hunts and challenges; plus photographs, audio and visual clips, people can explore their local area in an exciting way.
The Wiltshire Council team used the Place Experience Platform to not only refresh existing paper guides as digital tours, but also to create many more new guides, attracting visitors and repeat visits.
Each of the seven places have audio introductions by the expert archaeologist and TV personality Phil Harding, of Time Team and Wessex Archaeology. Phil shares his knowledge and love of the region in his rich local accent, adding to the unique and distinctive sense of place and local identity.

This app supports our Wiltshire Towns Programme, aiming to not only increase the footfall throughout the county, but also boost the local economy by encouraging people to spend quality time in our shops, bars and restaurants during their visits. It's vital we keep up with people's habits and that's why we want our town and city centres to continually evolve and offer experiences that internet shopping simply can't provide.

Cllr Richard ClewerWiltshire Council